Add time to reservation

Once a reservation has been purchased you are unable to modify the time. You do have the following options:

1. You can add time by purchasing an additional reservation through the mobile app or location page at or you may purchase a session once your time expires.

2. If your times are completely incorrect, you must then cancel the reservation and purchase a new one. 


Mobile App

To cancel your reservation prior to arrival, login to your profile on the mobile app. Click "History". Locate and click reservation, then select cancel. If your start time has passed you will not be able to cancel. Review the Premium Parking cancellation policy prior to cancelling.


To modify your reservation (date, time, location) prior to arrival, please login to your online profile at and select "reservations" tab. Locate you reservation and cancel. You will be able to cancel prior to start time, however once the start time has begun you will not be able to cancel. Additionally, please refer to the terms of purchase or Reservation Refund Policy to determine if there are any cancellation penalties. If a refund is due, the refund will process automatically.