Terms of Purchase - Session

All parking must be paid in advance. Your license plate number is the credential that makes your payment valid. Enforcement is provided by a third party vendor which checks the license plates on the location. Vehicles parked or paid for inappropriately will be immobilized or towed. Make sure to complete separate transactions for each occupied space. In addition, even if you can park multiple vehicles in a space (smart car or motorcycle), each must be paid at the full parking rate. Daily parking sessions purchased through the Premium Parking digital machine, website, or mobile app are non refundable after the start time has begun, regardless of your use or non-use of the Session. 

If you park on our unattended lot and retain your car keys, no contract of deposit is created but only one of hiring or letting out of space. We are not responsible for losses resulting from theft, vandalism, or property damage to your vehicle or it's contents. 

PARKING IS NOT TRANSFERABLE. You cannot transfer parking to other vehicles or other locations.

Your email address will never be used or sold to third parties. It may be subject to receive notices from our company about promotional opportunities.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact support@premiumparking.com.