We are able to accommodate oversized vehicles at a variety of surface/outdoor locations. You may do this by purchasing parking on the Premium Parking website or if available, a pay machine at the location. 

You must make individual purchases for each space that the vehicle occupies. 

When purchasing the first space input the license plate number of the vehicle. If a second space is needed, input the letter B at the end of the license plate when completing the second purchase. 

Any additional spaces that are needed would require individual purchases with the appropriate letter of the alphabet at the end of the license plate. 


  1. First Purchase: ABC123
  2. Second Purchase: ABC123B
  3. Third Purchase: ABC123C

***Your vehicle may be parked either horizontally or vertically within the parking slots purchased. However, It must only occupy these spaces and not inhibit any of the surrounding parking slots or driving lanes in any way. 

***Oversized vehicles are not allowed on any of our P400's locations. (P400, P401, P402, etc)

Please note:  if you are experiencing any challenges and need further assistance with this, please call us at 844.236.2011.

If you prefer to have spaces blocked off by our staff, please contact us by filling out our quote form below. Please note that an Advance Notice is required.

Location Rentals Page (premiumparking.com)

If immediate assistance is required, please contact our Customer Service Center at 844.236.2011 or support@premiumparking.com