Terms of Purchase - Reservation

For instruction on how to cancel or modify a reservation, click here.

To extend time, if 24 hours in advance, simply make an additional reservation to add to the one already made. If you are already at the lot, you can simply purchase additional time through our website or smart phone app for the time you need. 

If you have an oversized vehicle you are subject to an additional fee of $4-5 upon arrival or exit to the location. The facility has the right to determine what classifies an "oversized" vehicle.

If you have a trailer or large vehicle that you know will need more than one parking spot, all you have to do is purchase an additional (separate) reservation. In this circumstance, please print both confirmation emails and place them on your dashboard. You must pay for every space you will be using in order to be valid. 

We accept no responsibility for loss or damage to vehicle or contents. 

We do not take custody of vehicles, but only rent space.

PARKING IS NOT TRANSFERABLE. You cannot transfer parking to other vehicles or other locations.

Cancellation Policy

  1. A full refund can be given as a credit to your your Premium Account. It will show up in your Premium Wallet and can be used to purchase parking across our locations.
  2. A partial refund can be provided to your original payment method with a processing fee based on time of cancellation.    

            - If the cancellation is five or more days before the reservation, you will be charged a 3% processing fee.

            - If the cancellation is less than five days and more than 48 hours before the reservation start time you will be charged a 10% processing fee.

            - If the cancellation is 48 hours or less before the reservation start time you will be charged a 25% processing fee.

            - No refunds will be granted within 24 hours of the start time of the reservation.

 Refunds are typically visible on statements after 3-5 business days. 

Please visit our support site support.premiumparking.com for more information regarding multiple vehicles, larger vehicles, and other common inquiries regarding reservations.