Validation Kiosks

Guests of the Silverspot Cinema may get their parking validated to a flat rate of $8.35 for up to 5 hours at P2530 – MET 3 Parking Garage (250 SE 3rd Avenue, Miami FL 33130). Please use the following steps to get your parking validated.

  1. Purchase a parking session for up to 5 hours through one of the following methods:
    • Premium Parking App
    • Text P2530 to 504504 (TextPay)
    • Scan the QR Code (CameraPay) on the signage in the MET 3 Parking Garage and tap the link to follow the payment process.
  2. Enter your license plate numbers it appears on your vehicle.
  3. After payment, go to the lobby of the Silverspot Cinema. There are three touchscreens there. Type in your vehicle’s license plate as entered in your parking session purchase.
  4. Once your parking session is located, your purchase will be discounted to the final amount of $8.35. You will be refunded for your parking purchase minus $8.35.