Hauling Trailers (flat bed, boats, etc.) - OSP Parking Program

Recreational vehicles that do not have a current lodging/campsite reservation are required to purchase a parking pass. Hauling trailers are not considered a passenger vehicle and do not require a separate parking pass.  A parking pass purchase is necessary for passenger vehicles that arrived on hauling trailers and will be parked onsite after arrival.  If the passenger vehicle is to remain on the trailer during your visit, no additional purchase is necessary.

Bus Parking - OSP Parking Program

Buses will be assessed a $25 per day fee regardless of license plate origin at Oklahoma State Parks. RVs are considered passenger vehicles and should purchase the Daily Pass instead. 

Motorcycle Parking Passes 

Motorcycles are considered passenger vehicles and will need to register their license when purchasing a parking pass on the Premium Parking website, Mobile App, TextPay, or CameraPay. During checkout, please enter the state associated with your license plate to verify your eligibility for discounts. If no state is entered, the discount will not be applied to your purchase. Parking discounts can be applied at the following locations. Oklahoma residents using Tribal Plates should choose Oklahoma as their state.