Premium Parking allows customers to purchase a reservation without immediately attaching the vehicle's license plate to the reservation.  One of the primary reasons to do this is if you are unsure what your license plate will be (ex: rental car). 

However, Premium Parking locations are enforced based on the vehicle's license plate so you MUST attach your vehicle's license plate prior to the reservation start time or be at risk of enforcement.

Once a reservation without a vehicle license plate is purchased, Premium Parking will automatically email the customer requesting the vehicle's license plate:

a) At the reservation purchase time

b) 24 hours prior to the reservation start time

c) 6 hours prior to the reservation start time

d) At the reservation start time

Steps (to purchase in app):

  1. On the location screen, select 'Reserve Parking in Advance'
  2. Set the start/end time & select 'See Rate'
  3. On the confirm vehicle screen, select 'Add vehicle later'
  4. Select the 'Pay' button
  5. Ensure the email address is correct & select 'Remind Me'


For steps to update your vehicle information click here.

Please reach out to support@premiumparking.com with any questions.