A deposit will be invoiced and due prior to parking. Business Accounts will be invoiced and unable to begin parking until the invoice has been paid in full.

The deposit calculation is based on number of parkers, parking rate and net terms. The amount may be periodically reviewed and adjusted based on same factors. Deposits are non-negotiable.

EX:   5 parkers   @   $100.00 rate   =   $500.00 Deposit

The deposit is calculated based on the number of subscriptions you maintain on your account. Premium Parking will retain this deposit until the time at which you cancel your parking account. Upon cancellation and final payment of all owed amounts, the deposit will be returned by a check. The check will be issued within 45 days after cancellation request and all owed amounts paid.

*Note previous accounts were pre-pay accounts in which monthly parking fees were collected prior to parking. Our system redesign, phased in over the last few years, has allowed companies to pay by consumption. The system change has drastically reduced number of adjustments, refunds, and memo credits saving valuable time for your accounts payable department. In addition, the new system has also expedited the activating and cancellation of parkers.