Renewal/Cancellation: Monthly subscriptions auto renew each month on the same day in which it begins (i.e. A subscription beginning on 5/3 would renew on 6/3, 7/3, etc.). A subscription may be cancelled at any time. Upon cancellation, the future subscription renewals will stop, but the parker will still have full use of their subscription until the end of that term period. There are no refunds/adjustments once a subscription is purchased or renewed.

DepositsA deposit will be invoiced and due prior to parking. The calculation is based on number of parkers, parking rate and net terms. The amount may be periodically reviewed and adjusted based on same factors. Deposits are non-negotiable. For additional information please review Business Account Deposits.


InvoicingInvoices are generated on the 1st of the month and business account managers will receive an email notification. Each invoice will include parking transactions started between the 1st and the 31st of the month prior. (Parkers added during January, will be included on the February 1st invoice)


AutoPay (ACH draft $0 fee or Credit/Debit Card 2.5% fee): Accounts with automatic payments via PAM (Premium Account Manager) will be processed upon creation of monthly invoice. If no payment method is on file or if declined the business account manager will be notified by email. Alternate payment may be processed through the end of the business day to avoid late fees. 

FlexPay (Check or ACH transfer $25.00 fee per transaction; Manual Credit Card/Debit Card 2.5% fee; Manual ACH draft $0 fee): If your company has been pre-approved for invoicing, payments are due based on net terms agreed upon, generally 15 days. If payment is not received on due date, the account manager is notified by email. Alternate same-day payment may be arranged to avoid late fees and account lockout.

Accounts will remain temporarily locked until payment has been applied to account. Premium Account Managers will attempt collection. If unable to resolve, parker information will be removed from enforcement system and vehicles will be subject to enforcement, including citations, immobilization, and/or towing. During any deactivation period, vehicles enforced will be subject to a fee required prior to removal.

ACH Transfer vs ACH Draft: ACH Draft is our preferred method of payment and carries no fees. You must provide Premium Parking with your checking account and routing information for this type of payment. The payment can either be set to automatic draft or allow for manual processing, however you must communicate to account manager if you would like to change from AutoPay to FlexPay. ACH Transfers/Wires/Deposits requires Premium Parking to provide your company with our account information to send payments. This method of payment requires a detailed remittance be submitted at time of deposit and carries a $25.00 per transaction processing fee. Because this manual transaction requires additional processing time please allow for 2 to 3 business days to apply to account. If remittance is late or not received your account will be subject to late fees. If you would like this method you should send a request to to request our W-9 and ACH information.

Payment Processing: If you choose FlexPay, you agree to have your payment into our office prior to the due date to allow for processing. Premium Parking accepts no responsibility for late payments due to bank closures or non-business day transactions. Premium Parking also accepts no responsibility for late payments due to mail processing or delivery. *Note ACH transfers may take 2 business days to apply to account based on the date issued and checks require 1 business day for processing once received.

Additional Fees: ACH automatic drafts are preferred payment method and free to process. You must provide Premium Parking with your checking account and routing number for payments to process on the 1st of each month. Credit Card payments are subject to a processing fee up to 2.5% of charge. Check payments and ACH Transfers (deposits/wire) are accessed a $25.00 per transaction processing fee. Returned payments are subject to a $35.00 NSF fee. When payments are not processed by the due date, late fees are assessed at $25.00 per active subscription.

Compliance: Each parker's validation, or ‘parking pass’, is their license plate number. Each individual parker is responsible for license plate being accurate. Parker's can change license plates at any time during a billing period, and change is reflected in the enforcement system immediately. Business Account Managers can also adjust vehicle license plates at their discretion. Failure to update or updating incorrectly will result in enforcement action including citation or immobilization. If a vehicle is immobilized there will be a fee, which will be due from the parker at the time of removal.


You will be responsible under your Terms of Purchase to pay all amounts due under your business account on or before the date they are due, and Premium Parking may seek all remedies available to it under these terms or applicable law if you fail to pay such amounts when due for any reason. It is your sole responsibility to pay your Account on time to avoid parker deactivation, citations, immobilization of parkers, late fees, collection activities or suspension of parking privileges. Premium Parking is not liable for your failure to pay your Account on time for any reason including, without limitation, due to interruption or unavailability of the corporate office or the website online payment system.

You represent and warrant to Premium Parking that you are the owner or the authorized agent for the owner of the bank account or credit/debit card used in each transaction and that debits and charges made in accordance with these Terms will not be disputed. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are entering valid bank account or credit/debit card information as your payment source. If you have scheduled recurring payments and (1) your payment source changes for any reason or (2) you desire to change or delete the bank account or credit/debit card information used as your payment source or (3) you desire to stop recurring payments, you must promptly notify Premium Parking of those changes by either using the applicable edit functions available on PAM or contacting Premium Parking at Your online PAM account payments will continue to be processed against your payment source until that information is changed as provided herein.

Terms of Purchase - Individual Subscription

Monthly parking with Premium Parking operates as a recurring subscription – renewing on the same day each month (i.e. A subscription beginning on 5/3 would renew on 6/3, 7/3, etc.).

By signing up for monthly parking, and agreeing to the terms and conditions, you agree to have your monthly parking subscription automatically renew each month. You also agree to have your credit card information stored by our third-party credit card processing provider, Stripe. We do not store any of your financial information – we only store what is needed for account setup (Name, email, license plate, etc.).

Your validation, or ‘parking pass’, is your license plate number. If, for any reason, you need to change the license plate associated with your account, simply log in and change the vehicle description to reflect the plate you wish to use. You can change license plates at any time during a billing period, and the change is reflected in the enforcement system immediately. All changes are documented in our database for review in the event of dispute.

If, at any time, you would like to cancel your subscription, you may do so with no cancellation fee.

Upon cancellation of a monthly parking subscription, your renewals will be halted, but you will still have full use of your monthly parking plan until the end of that term period. There are no refunds once a subscription is purchased.

A subscription cannot have more than 3 vehicles.

Special events in vicinity may be excluded from parking. A subscription customer will not be permitted to park during large area events.

After purchase, please refer to your email receipt for more instructions.