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Camera Pay

Scan the QR Code at the desired location

Enter Phone Number click "Continue"                                                                   

Enter License Plate

Choose the space type

Select Parking Duration

Confirm Parking Duration

Review and Pay 

Enter payment information

Mobile App

Open Premium Parking App

Locate desired parking location

Click "Start Parking"

Select Space Type

Select Parking Duration

Enter Vehicle Information/License Plate*

Select/add payment method

Review and Pay Review


Open www.premiumparking.com

Locate desired parking location

Click "Pay to Park Now"  

Select number of hours and verify the rate

Add Vehicle Information/License Plate

Add payment information

Click "Pay" 


We are able to accommodate Over-sized Vehicles at a variety of surface locations. Rates are typically available on the digital machine onsite. Alternatively, you may purchase multiple spaces using the same vehicle license plate. You may do this by using the digital machine or by purchasing multiple sessions on the Premium Parking website. 

***Oversized vehicles are not allowed on any of our P400's locations. (P400, P401, P402, etc)