Booking - Cruise Reservation

Web Browser

Navigate to

Click "Purchase Parking"

Select cruise start date on map

To the right confirm cruise dates and select cruise

Select vehicle type

Add vehicle license plate**

Add payment method

Click "Pay Now"

As long as you are in the vehicle listed you will be safe to park. You do not need to print or display any information.

Parking Procedures

Turn right onto Eslava Street and a police officer will direct you into the garage.

A stevedore will help you unload and tag your luggage then send it to the ship. Please make sure you have your documents with you at all times - not in your luggage. You will not be allowed into your cabin until 1:30 p.m., so please allow the stevedores to take anything you do not want to carry around the ship with you.

You will then be directed to the garage ramp.  Remember to pay for parking before boarding the ship.

Park and then walk to the glass doors at the north side of the garage. (opposite end of where you enter the terminal)

Come down the elevator/stairs to the lobby where you will then show your documentation to the employees at the door. Afterwards, you will be directed to the screening area and to the check-in area.

*Note: Once the parking garage at the terminal is full, parkers will be directed to the offsite parking lot at the Mobile Civic Center.  In this case, drop your luggage and party off at the terminal and have the driver proceed to the Lawrence St. entrance to the offsite lot.  A free shuttle will transport you to and from the terminal.

**if you do not know the license plate select "add vehicle later" and you will receive a email later asking you to update the vehicle. You must provide this information 24 hours prior to the reservation start time.

**If your vehicle does not have a license plate you may input the first three letters of the make and first three letters of the color; ie: Honda Red - HONRED