Rate Changes

Premium Parking sets rates based on several factors. Our team constantly monitors customer feedback, competitor rates and economic factors to adjust pricing at each location that we manage. Our goal in setting prices is to reflect the market for parking in the area and ensure that there is always a space available for paying customers. While no one likes higher prices the reality is they communicate the demand for a product or service. 

Per our policies, monthly parking rates are subject to change on a monthly basis and daily parking rates are subject to change without notice. Current rates are displayed on the pay machines; however, the best rates are available on the Premium Parking Website or on the Premium Parking App.

Our intent is to be transparent with pricing, so our customers always know the cost of our services before making the decision to purchase. Cheaper pricing is always available the farther you get from high demand areas. 

If you would like to seek further insight into any rate changes, please email our team at, support.premiumparking.com. We will direct your inquiry to local management for the respective location your park.