Purchase Subscription

To purchase a subscription this can be completed online through a website purchase or on a mobile device.

Website Purchase.

  1. Go to www.premiumparking.com 

  2. Enter and select the location you are interested in to determine if monthly parking is available (if unavailable, complete the waitlist form to be contacted with future availability)
  3. Select “Sign Up for a Subscription”
  4. Select the monthly subscription rate
  5. Select “View Rate”
  6. Enter your start date and click “Park Here”
  7. Sign in or create your Premium Parking account
  8. Add vehicle license plate and state
  9. Add a payment method
  10. Apply promotion code if applicable
  11. Click "Pay"

Mobile Purchase.

  1. Open Premium Parking App
  2. Enter the location number
  3. Click "View Subscription Rates"
  4. Select the appropriate rate
  5. Enter your email and password (only for new customers)
  6. Add/Select vehicle
  7. Add/Select payment method
  8. Choose start date
  9. Click “Pay”
  10. Enter Contact Information (only for new customers)