P4813 - 818 N 1st

Total Space Count86
Total Star Space Count0
Total Reserved Space Count0
Grace Period0
Update Vehicle Grace Period0
Clearance Height (if applicable)N/A

  • When is the location set to go live?
    • 2/1/2024
  • What is the location address?
    • 818 N 1st Street
  • What type of enforcement are we doing?  Ex. towing, booting, warnings on 1st violation…etc. 
    • Manual Enforcement, Glideparc app
  • Who will we be assigning the FD ticket to?
    • Sandra Flores, Account Mananger
  • Who will be handling the appeals?  (if the market is an opt-out)
    • Sandra Flores, Account Mananger
  • What products are we not offering?  Ex.  not offering monthlies or STAR spaces... etc.
    • Star spaces
  • What are any of the reasons (outside of normal requests) that parkers might call us for? 
    •  N/A
  • Anything special with the rate structure?  Ex. offering early bird rates
    • Weekend nights higher rates
  • Are there business accounts associated with the location?
    • Yes, potentially
  • Are we utilizing a tow company?
    • None
  • Will the location be listed with any 3rd party aggregators?  Ex. Park Mobile?
    • N/A
  • Can the PE team validate?
    • Yes
  • Any reasons that could drive up call volume?
    • New Location
  • Are there any gates or access codes?
    • None
  • Can we get an example of the signage?
    • Standard Camera Pay QR code signage.
  • Any limitations associated with the location?  Ex. no large vehicles or no overnight parking... etc.
    • Vehicles must take one spot only, no trailers without authorization. We do have authorized food trucks on event days.
  • Please provide any images high-quality images you have of each location.
    •  Will have to gather