P5608 - 777 St. Marks Location FAQ

  • When is the location set to go live?
    • N/A
  • What is the locations address?
    • 777 St. Marks - 1190 Bergen Street, Brooklyn, NY 11213
  • What type of enforcement are we doing? Ex. towing, booting, warnings on 1st violation… etc.
    • N/A
  • Who will we be assigning the FD ticket to?  
    • Chad Kahn
  • Who will be handling the appeals? (if the market is an opt-out)
    • Chad Kahn
  • What products are we not offering? Ex. not offering monthlies or STAR spaces… etc. 
    • No on-demand parking
  • What are any of the reasons (outside of normal requests) that parkers might call us for?
    • Accidents.
    • Gate code for vehicle or pedestrian entry/exit.
  • Anything special with the rate structure? Ex. offering early bird rates?
    • No, subscription parking only.

Though the website does not show monthly parking at P5608, they are indeed offering it.


Chad is working on getting the location updated on our website.  He will likely have it trigger a form and he is going to have monthly parking added. Work in progress and more to come.


In the meantime, please send any/all requests for monthly parking there to Chad.  ckahn@premiumparking.com

  • Are there business accounts associated with the location?
    • No.
  • Are we utilizing a tow company?
    • N/A
  • Will the location be listed with any 3rd party aggregators? Ex. Park Mobile
    • No.
  • Can the PE team validate?
    • No.
  • Any reasons that could drive up call volume? 
    • NO.
  • Are there any gates or access codes? 
    • Yes

This location is a gated parking lot for residents of the 777 St. Marks Apartments.

Customers will have a space assigned to them after signing up for a subscription. Indoor spaces will get further instructions on obtaining a key fob and remote.

All parking spaces at this location are reserved parking spaces. Please report any violators parked in the wrong parking space to the account manager or the market president.

Residents may access the parking by using one of these three methods.

Vehicle Security Gate

Use one of these methods:

  • Text 1234#1# to 1-361-251-6118.
  • Call number 1-361-251-6118.
  • Emergency Backup Only – PRESS ON 2222 OK (keypad on the brick wall left of the vehicle security gate).

Pedestrian Door

Access via keypad 1234# on the silver keypad left of the door.

  • Can we get an example of the signage?
    • No signage available currently.
  • Any limitations associated with the location?   Ex. no large vehicles or no overnight parking, etc.
    • Entry by gate access code only.
  • Please attach a high-quality image with the indication of garage/lot entrance.
    • N/A