Premium Parking’s Search Validator is a web-based tool that allows a business to refund active parking. Using the Premium Parking system, the business identifies the customer's purchase and refunds them using the Search Validator.

Notable features include:

  • Refund active parking directly to customer's original payment method
  • Refund a percentage or $ amount
  • Control Business Account cost for issuing refund
  • Robust reporting and digital paper trail
  • Ensure refund is for vetted customers using a confirmation sign off checkbox
  • Cash refunds or instant wallet credit for Pay Machine purchases
  • Record external system reconciliation


For Business:

  • Assist customers, guests, and clients in paying for parking
  • Validate using a basic form displayed on a touch screen display or computer
  • Accommodate validating customers who pre-purchase parking
  • Set controls that force the issuer to sign-off that customer met validation criteria (ex: spend more than $20)
  • Prevent abuse by limiting the maximum parking duration that can be refunded
  • Exportable validation reporting


For Parkers:

  • Receive automated refund for pre-purchased parking
  • Hassle-free refund experience - simply provide your license plate
  • Automatic notification after receiving refund - email, text, or app push notification
  • Customer support available if any complication arises