Using www.premiumparking.com, you can export your validation history, which will include a number of details such as the validation start/end time, license plate, order number, price, and any additional customer notes.

How to Export

  1. Login to www.premiumparking.com
  2. If you are the Business Account manager, use the top-left drop-down to select "My Account". If you already see "Validations" on the left-hand side, skip to step 4.
  3. Select Validations
    1. If you do not see Validations, use the top-left drop-down to select "My Account". If you do not have "My Account" nor see Validations, you do not have access to create validations.
  4. Select Export
  5. Fill out the Export Validations form to request specific validation records
    1. Active: Exports any validations that were active during the requested time frame
    2. Created in Date Range: Exports any validations that were created in the requested time frame (not necessarily validations that were active in the date range. Ex: creating a validation that starts in the future vs a validation starting immediately)
    3. Date Range: Set the start and end date for the export. You can use the quick select buttons or the calendars to set the start/end date
    4. File format: Select either CSV or Xlsx
  6. Select Export

After selecting export, the requested file will automatically begin to download.

Export Example

The key pieces the export will include are:

  • Created date/time
  • Location
  • Arrival date/time
  • Departure date/time
  • Vehicle (license plate)
  • Order number
  • Price
  • Notes
  • Customer Name
  • Number