This process will increase the group's current billing period balance. Ex: Billing a group manually for their promo code usage, billing a group for a percentage of their sales (if those are the lease terms)

  1. Login to the Operator Dashboard
  2. Select Reports > Groups
  3. Search & select the group name
  4. At the bottom, select the green Post Payment button
  5. Fill out form & select Add Adjustment
    1. Payment Type: Select Adjustment
    2. Locations: Select the locations that the bill relates to
    3. Invoice: Leave untouched
    4. Adjustment Type: Select Increase balance
    5. Dollar Amount: Set the amount you want to bill the group (excluding the $ sign)
    6. Notes: Add any applicable notes. These will be visible in the group's transaction history.

The above adjustment will show up like this for the group:

Please reach out to with any issues.