Stipends are monthly $ credits to an account, which can be used by the recipient to pay for parking.

Stipends are issued by a business account to pay for a portion of their parker/employees parking, including monthly subscriptions or daily parking.

Ex: A business account wants to pay half of an employees $200 monthly subscription. The stipend can be used to automatically credit the employees account monthly for $100 or any specific dollar amount. The $100 stipend is automatically applied to the monthly subscription renewal cost.

How to Provide Stipend

  1. Login to www.PremiumParking.com
  2. Using the left-side drop-down, select the business account ("Manager")
  3. If attempting to provide stipend to a new member, select "Add Member". If existing member, select Edit.
  4. Select "Assign Optional Features"
  5. Using the drop-down, select "Provide a Parking Stipend"
  6. Enter the stipend amount per month. Ex: 50 would provide the group member with a $50 credit per month.
  7. Select Save

Parker Experience

At the start of each month, the parker will receive the stipend amount credited to their account. Once their subscription renews, the system will automatically use the parking stipend to pay for the subscription. If the stipend does not cover the full parking cost, an additional payment method must be previously attached to the parker's account. The additional payment method will be used to cover the remaining subscription cost.

Business Account Experience

On the business account invoice, a stipend breakout will be shown, which lists the first/last name of the parker who was issued and the stipend amount.


Stipend (2 total = $200)

John Smith     $100

Jane Smith     $100

Please reach out to support@premiumparking.com with any questions or concerns.