Premium Parking offers an online tool to create Web Validations, allowing you to easily validate parkers with a license plate or vehicle description. Simply fill out a form with the necessary details.

Notable Features include: 

  • License plate or vehicle description created validations 

  • Validate instantly or in advance

  • Search active parking to validate after customer arrival

  • Simple validation form 

  • Extend parking easily 

For Business: 

  • Assist customers, employees, guests, and clients in paying for parking 

  • Validate using a computer, tablet, phone or other smart device 

  • Convenient monthly/period billing 

  • Exportable validation reporting 

  • Automated email receipts, including a 15 min expiration notice with ability to extend 

For Parkers: 

  • Hassle-free parking using instant validations 

  • Vehicle description created validation if the parker does not know their license plate

  • Never worry about payment 

  • Customer support available if any complication arises

Learn how to create a validation and how to validate active parking!

Please reach our to with any questions.