Add/Edit/Delete License Plates - Group Manager Level

Once a parker has been activated Group Managers may elect to manage vehicle license plates. We strongly urge group managers to have parkers manage their own as to avoid problems when the group manager is out of the office. In certain situations we understand that this is the only way and we have built a system to accommodate. 


Navigate to

Sign in using the group manager's email address and password

Navigate to left side of the screen to confirm you are on the manager's level

Click "Members" and each will be listed as below. The yellow "add vehicle" button confirms that no vehicles are listed on the subscription

Click "add vehicle" to input the vehicle license plate and click "add"

The vehicle will be update in our system instantly and the parker may begin parking. To edit simply click the vehicle license plate and you will have the option to "edit" or "delete".

NOTE: the vehicle must be listed in this space to be recognized by our enforcement team. Vehicle license plates added to "Tags" field will not be visible. Also note individual parkers may edit their own vehicles once they log in and your members list will also update instantly with their changes.