Parkers must manage there own vehicle license plates. 

Updates to vehicles happen instantly. 

Please use the following instructions to add or remove license plates from your subscription.

Premium Parking Mobile App

  1. Open/Download the Premium Parking App
  2. Sign in using your email and password
  3. Click "History" 
  4. Select your subscription
  5. Click "Edit" or "Change Vehicles" (Android)
  6. Add additional vehicles (either select + to add new or tap an existing license plate). The license plates with a check mark next to them indicate they will be attached to the subscription. Up to three license plates may be attached to a subscription, but only one can be on the location at a time.
    1. If you need to remove a vehicles, tap the license plate to remove the check mark. 
  7. Select the back arrow to save
  8. Select confirm


  1. Sign in www.premiumparking.com
  2. Select subscriptions on the left side of the screen
  3. Select 'change' in yellow
  4. To add: Type the license plate (ZZZZZZ) and select it "Add ZZZZZZ..."). After selecting the license plate it should look like this: 
    1. To remove, select the X
  5. Select 'Save'