Parkers must manage there own vehicle license plates. 

Updates to vehicles happen instantly. 

Please use the following instructions to update license plate on subscription.


  1. www.premiumparking.com
  2. Sign In using your email address and password
  3. Click subscriptions on the left side of screen
  4. Click "change"
  5. Add or delete the license plate you would like (up to 3 vehicles can be listed at a time)
  6. Save

Premium Parking Mobile App

  1. Open Premium Parking App
  2. Sign in using your email and password (or phone number if this has been set up)
  3. Click "Activity" 
  4. Click "Subscriptions"
  5. Select the Subscription you would like to change
  6. Click "Edit" or "Change Vehicles" (Android)
  7. Add/Edit/Delete the vehicle (only three license plates may be listed on subscription)