Premium Parking’s Visitor Kiosk is a web-based tool that allows your customers or clients to easily validate their own vehicle by completing a basic form using a customer facing touch screen display.


Notable features include:

  • Parker created license plate based validations
  • Simple validation form using a customer facing touch screen display
  • In real-time validation
  • Parkers can receive text notifications regarding their validation if phone number is submitted


For Business:

  • Assist customers, guests, and clients in paying for parking
  • Validate using a basic form displayed on a touch screen display
  • Administrators no longer need to distribute validations
  • Set the validation duration and location options
  • Convenient monthly/period billing
  • Exportable validation reporting
  • Automated email receipts, including a 15 min expiration notice with ability to extend


For Parkers:

  • Validate your parking by supplying your license plate
  • Hassle-free parking using instant validations
  • Never worry about payment
  • Customer support available if any complication arises

Please explore the Visitor Kiosk by viewing our video demo or picture demo.

To get access to the Visitor Kiosk, contact your business account manager to grant you validation access. Click here to learn how to grant access.