A Business Account can grant group members the ability to bill the validation cost to the group (instead of billing to the group member's personal profile). Validations are still created using the Web Validator.

Premium Parking’s Web Validator is a web-based tool that allows you to easily validate parkers using a vehicle’s license plate, email address, or cell phone number. Using a Business Account and the Web Validator, permitted group member can create validations that can be charged to the group, allowing group members to validate on behalf of the group.

Notable features include:

  • License plate, email, or cell phone created validations by a permitted group member
  • Validate instantly or in advance
  • Simple validation form
  • Extend parking easily
  • Permitted group members can charge validations to the group

For Business:

  • Assist customers, employees, guests, and clients in paying for parking
  • Allow multiple permitted group members to charge the validation to the group
  • Validate using a computer, tablet, phone or other smart device
  • Convenient monthly/period billing
  • Exportable validation reporting
  • Automated email receipts, including a 15 min expiration notice with ability to extend


For Parkers:

  • Hassle-free parking using instant validations
  • Provide vehicle details through the mobile phone to activate unknown vehicle validations
  • Never worry about payment
  • Customer support available if any complication arises