Premium Parking’s Promo Codes creation tool allows you to create custom distributable promo codes that can be applied to prior to purchasing and even after a parking session has begun. Simply specify the location, promo code name, # of uses, and the discount amount to generate promo codes that can be instantly used by employees, guests, clients and customers to receive discounted parking even if they have already purchased their parking.


Notable features include:

  • Provide discounted parking using promo codes, including active parking sessions
  • Manage, create, regenerate or delete custom or system generated promo codes
  • In real-time promo codes
  • Offer customers $ off or % off parking
  • Usage includes prior to or during active parking


For Business:

  • Assist customers, guests, and clients in paying for parking
  • Set the promo code specifications, including location, number of uses, discount, max hours, active period, and time of use
  • Convenient monthly/period billing
  • Active and expired promo code report
  • Exportable validation reporting
  • Automated email receipts for the parking purchase, including a 15 min expiration notice with ability to extend


For Parkers:

  • Apply promo code during purchase through the Premium Parking app, Premium Parking Text2Pay, or through Premium Parking’s website
  • Receive full or partially discounted parking from local businesses
  • Hassle-free parking using promo code discount
  • Customer support available if any complication arises