The Premium Parking Outlook plugin allows users to easily validate their meeting attendees using an Outlook meeting invite! Users can instantly embed a parking validation link into their Outlook meeting invite that allows the recipient to validate their parking at the time of your meeting.

Notable Features include:

  • License plate based validations
  • Validate parking using the Premium Parking Microsoft Outlook plugin
  • In real-time validation


For Business:

  • Assist customers, guests, and clients in paying for parking
  • Validate using a Microsoft Outlook meeting invite link
  • Convenient monthly/period billing
  • Exportable validation reporting
  • Automated email receipts, including a 15 min expiration notice with ability to extend


For Parkers:

  • Simple two question form to create validation
  • Hassle-free parking using instant validations
  • Never worry about payment
  • Customer support available if any complication arises