Mardi Gras Rental

Mardi Gras comes once a year and New Orleans is the place to be. We offer location rentals and RV reservations on a first come-first serve bases. Additional details regarding RV are below. If you are interested in space rental you should complete the following form. We require advance request, however we do not reach out to finalize agreements until we are nearing the Mardi Gras holiday. Once we are ready to begin, a member of our team will be in contact with you to discuss availability.  

Booking in Advance

We offer parking reservations at a number of locations downtown during Mardi Gras.  Almost all of our garages in the CBD have discount parking compared to the surrounding locations.  You can book in advance online by searching the nearest location and seeing all future pricing in our website.

RV Rentals

We offer rentals for RVs at 3 locations:

Prices range from $750 - $2500 for the weekend.  Please email if you have additional questions.

We can also accommodate large buses and RVs without reservations at P375, P250, and P909.  It is first come first serve and you can pay onsite at the pay machine or through our app.  You must pay for each space that your vehicle is using separately.