The web validator allows you to create a validation without knowing the parker's license plate number.

The parker MUST use the email/text link to add their vehicle license plate or they will be at risk of enforcement.

Send parker email/text requesting their license plate


  1. Select Validations
  2. Select 'Create New Validation'
  3. Set the validation details as needed
  4. Select "Send customer instructions to enter License Plate Number"
  5. Enter parker's email address or phone number
  6. Select Validate

Picture Guide:

Parker Experience


If parking starts immediately, parker will receive an "URGENT: Unknown Vehicle Information" email which requests that they supply their vehicle's license plate

The parker MUST provide their vehicle license plate by using the link in the above email ("CLICK HERE")

The parker adds their license plate and selects Submit. They will see this confirmation message if they successfully supplied their license plate:

Note: If the validation start time is in the future, the parker will receive a similar email request 24 hours prior, 6 hours prior and at the validation start time.

Subject: "Unknown Vehicle Information"

Parker must use the link in the email to add their vehicle license plate or be at risk of enforcement.

Text Message

Parker receives a text message requesting vehicle license plate:

Parker adds their vehicle information and selects Submit


  • Regardless if the parker adds their license plate, the Business Account is still charged for issuing the validation since the Business Account is charged immediately upon creating the validation. The Validate button will display the validation cost and the Business Account current billing period balance will reflect the validation cost

Please reach out to support@premiumparking.com with any questions.