1. When to Pay

  • Monthly invoices will be emailed by the 15th. Excluding the initial month, all monthly parking payments are due by the 1st of each month.
  • Payments received after the 2nd business day are subject to a $20.00 late fee, per parker.
  • Premium Parking will not pro-rate any monthly parking due to late payments or due to paying the daily rate.
  • We reserve the right to terminate delinquent parking accounts at any time. To re-establish your account, Customer Service should be notified and past due balances, plus the late fee must be paid in full.

2. How to Pay

    You have the following payment options:

  • ACH - (Automatic Clearing House) Bank draft from your checking account
  • Credit Card
  • Recurring ACH or Credit Card payments; note these payments will be processed on the 25th.
  • Business Checks (All business account checks must be received by the 28th of the month) 
  • Checks (Whitney Garage and Canal Place Garage Only)
  • We do not accept payments for monthly parking over the phone. 

3. Terms of Payment

  • All customers who select an automated payment option will reoccur on the 25th of each month unless the account is cancelled.  If the 25th falls on a weekend or a holiday, payments will be processed the next business day.
  • Parking account administrators are responsible for reviewing their monthly invoices prior to payment. Each month an invoice is sent that itemizes parking rate and individual parkers. Once a payment has been processed, we will not adjust or credit accounts for parker changes. If there is an error in parkers listed or rate being charged please communicate to support@premiumparking.com prior to 1st of the month.
  • Customers who choose the one time credit card payment option will be charged a $5 convenience fee each month.
  • Returned drafts/checks are subject to a $35 NSF fee.
  • If the payment is rejected, Premium Parking will process the payment again.  If you park in any Premium Parking location with an unpaid balance, your vehicle will be immobilized.  If you park in a garage and use an access card, your access card will be deactivated until payment is received.

4. Monthly Rate Structure

  • The initial monthly charges are calculated based on the parkers start date.
  • If a parker’s start date is between the 1st -14th of the month, the parker account will be charged a full month.
  • If a parker’s start date is between the 15th -31st of the month,the parker account will be charged a half month.
  • If a parker chooses to transfer parking locations, the transfer information must be submitted by the 18th of the current month. The transfer will go into effect the 1st of  the upcoming month.
  • Accounts at the 601 Poydras location with Month to Month parking access are subject to termination of parking privileges with a 30 day notice.

5. Parking Credential (Access Card)

  • To obtain a Credential there is a refundable fee of $30, which will be added to the monthly invoice for new parkers. AVI tags are non-refundable. Canal Place has a $15 AVI tag fee and Habor Point has a $20 AVI tag fee.
  • If a Credential is lost or stolen please contact the Customer Service Department (844) 236-2011 immediately. To obtain a replacement Credential, a $30 fee will be assessed to your account. Canal Place replacement tag fee is $15 and Harbor Point is $20.
  • If you do not have your Credential for any reason, you must pay the daily rate for the location.
  • Credentials are non-transferable and can only be used by the assigned Parker on the account.
  • Violators of this policy may be subject to termination of parking privileges.

6. Locations with Registered License Plates

  • DUPLICATE USE OF THIS PERMIT IS FRAUD. Vehicles with duplicate permits will be immobilized, charged the maximum to remove the boot, and the monthly privileges and account will be immediately terminated.
  • Vehicles must have a current permit displayed face up on the dashboard or a current Hangtag permit hanging from the rearview mirror.
  • If permit/tag is expired or you forget it you are required to pay the location's daily rate until the current permit is purchased or displayed.
  • Vehicles with an expired, face down, or missing permit (if applicable) may subject to a Boot fee up to $90 or Tow fee estimated at $150.
  • Any vehicle without a prominently displayed current parking permit/tag or daily ticket may be subject to a Boot fee up to $90 or Tow fee estimated at $150.
  • Any account with an unpaid balance will not appear in our license plate database and is subject to immobilization.

    ***Monthly Parking does not guarantee the availability of space, although every effort will be made to accommodate parking. Should no space be available, please see attendant for alternative parking or contact our 24 hour Customer Service Center at (844) 236-2011.  


    ***Special Event parking is included with your 7 day monthly parking subscription, however it is not guaranteed. If space is not available in your subscribed parking location, please contact Customer Service to find alternative options. If you park in another location without authorization from Customer Service your vehicle is subject to immobilization. 

7. Cancellation

  • Cancellations must be completed by the 20th of the month.  If not, you will be charged the full amount. Refunds will not be granted once a payment has been processed for the upcoming month.  Cancellations are normally processed within 24-48 hours.
  • Cancellation request form can be found on line at http://premiumparking.us/cancel/. You cannot cancel your account verbally or by email. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Upon cancellation of your parking, the parking card must be returned to Premium Parking in order to receive a card deposit refund.
  • The parker’s account must be paid in full and the card returned in working condition in order to process a refund.
  • Card deposit refunds are issued by check and may take 7-10 business days to process. Refunds are issued to the name listed on the account; we do not issue refunds to individuals parking under a business account.

Additional Information

  • Customers must park within the parking lines.
  • Parking is permitted only in those spaces that are not designated as reserved unless you have paid for a reserved space. If you park in someones reserved space, you will be issued a $50 parking violation and/or have your vehicle booted. Repeated occurrences will result in loss of monthly parking privileges.
  • Special arrangements and approval must be made prior to parking non-traditional automobiles (i.e. motorcycle, moped, motorized bike, etc.)
  • Some locations may require multi-month prepayment prior to the account being activated.
  • Outside vendors are not allowed to perform services in garages. Services such as car washing, windshield glass changes.
  • If you have a dispute about a charge on your account, we urge you to call (844) 236-2011, opt 1 prior to cancelling your account.
  • We reserve the right to close the parking facility at the direction of the garage owners.
  • Premium will make every effort to keep current parker account information, but it is the customer’s responsibility to communicate new information. You may log onto your PAM account to update your account information at any time.
  • Monthly parking privileges do not include storage of any kind. Vehicles are not to be in the garage for longer than 72 hours at a time, violation of this policy may result in the loss of monthly parking privileges and/or towing of the vehicle.
  • Monthly parkers may register up to 2 vehicles per parker.
  • Monthly Parking does not include access to Star Spaces. Anyone parking in a Star Space must pay the appropriate daily rate.
  • Customers are not allowed to resell monthly parking privileges.

All Terms and Conditions are subject to change