The following information will help you understand How to Order Validation Coupon Codes for the new digital machines.

Step 1. Please use this link to order Validation coupons.  Your email address is a required field:

Step 2. Immediately following “Submit request” this message will appear.

Step 3. In just a few minutes you will receive an email verifying all the information submitted.

Step 4. Email notification is sent to the Parking Manager and the Premium Accounting department.  Accounting will create an invoice with the balance due. Parking Manager will create the Validations coupons.

Step 5. The invoice will be emailed to the customer so that payment can be arranged. We accept checks or credit card payments for Validations.  

Step 6. The Validation coupons will be emailed to your business within 3 business days of payment received.  We will also accept payment at the time of delivery.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact a Customer Service Agent at 1-844-236-2011 or email