1. When to Pay

  • Payment will be processed through secure Stripe credit card processor and occur at time of sign up submission.
  • It will reoccur every month on same date unless cancelled.
  • If you have a monthly account, Scrub Club payments will be billed separately from the normal monthly parking invoice emailed by the 15th.

2. Terms of Payment

  • All customer’s payments will be drafted automatically on the date of sign up and reoccur each sequential same day of the month, unless chosen otherwise. 
  • If the payment is rejected, Premium Parking will process the payment again.  If balance remains unpaid, service will not be complete.

3. Cancellation

  • Customer will have ability to cancel or adjust car wash package at any time by emailing marketing@premiumparking.com.  This applies to future washes.
  • Upon cancellation, customer service agent will notify you and confirm once cancellation has been processed.
  • No refunds will be given once purchased.  If the customer is unable to schedule wash in a certain month, or would like to cancel service, credit will be given toward a future wash.

Additional Information

  • Customers must park within the parking lines in the area designated as “car wash area” by appropriate signage and cones.  For parking garages, this area will be on the top floor.
  • Vehicles will not be moved at any time in the garage unless absolutely necessary.
  • Car wash specialist will coordinate retrieval and return of keys if customer wants their interior cleaned. You will be asked to sign a key sign off sheet when keys are collected and returned.
  • Additional washes may be purchased within the month by contacting marketing@premiumparking.com at least 48 hours prior to the requested wash date at the listed price. 
  • If multiple failed attempts at contact, customer washes will “rollover” to next month until contact is made.  No contact after 3 months, account will be cancelled.  If customer wants to cancel account after no contact after a month, there will be a $20 cancellation processing fee.

All Terms and Conditions are subject to change